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2005年职称bet356 手机游戏_博彩bet356吧_bet356账户验证等级考试试题、答案及题解综合类(A级)试题

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第1部分:词汇选项? (第1~15题,每题1分,共15分)
??? 下面共有15个句子,每个句子中均有1个词或短语画有底横线,请从每个句子后面所
1 these are the motives for doing it.
??? a? reasons??? b? excuses
??? c answers??? 13? replies
2 the river widens considerably as it begins to turn west
??? a? extends??? b? stretches
??? c? broadens d? bends
3? many economists have given in to the fatal lure of mathematics.
??? a error??? b puzzle
??? c? attraction??? d? contradiction
4? with immense relief i stopped running
??? a? no??? b? 1ittle
??? c? scarce d? enormous
5? a great deal has been done to remedy the situation
a? maintain??? b? improve
c preserve??? d protect
6? john is collaborating with mary in writing an article
? a? cooperating??? b? marrying
? c? combining??? d? arguing
7 he will consolidate his power.
? a? strengthen??? b? win
? c? abandon??? d? unite
8 many scientists have been probing psychological problems
a? solving??? b? exploring
c? settling??? d handling
9.hearing problems may be alleviated by changes in diet and exercise habits.
a? removed??? b? cured
c treated?????? d? lessened
10 the conclusion can be deduced from the premises
a gone??? b derived
c done d? come
11 the food is insufficient for three people
a scarce??? b? short
c marginal d? inadequate
12 most of the butterflies perish in the first frosts of autumn
??? a die??? b disappear
??? c migrate d? vanish
13 but ultimately he gave in.
? a? undoubtedly??? b? certainly
? c? finally d? necessarily
14 it is a complicated problem.
? a strange??? b complex
? c? difficult d unusual
15 in britain and many other countries appraisal is now a tool of management-
??? a evaluation??? b production
??? c efficiency d publicity
第2部分:阅读判断? (第16~22题,每题1分,共7分)
??? 阅读下面这篇短文,短文后列出了7个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子做出判断。如果该句提供的是正确信息,请在答题卡上把a涂黑;如果该旬提供的是错误信息,请在答题卡上把b涂黑;如果该句的信息文章中没有提及,请在答题卡上把c涂黑。
going back to its birthplace
? no sporting event takes hold of the world’s attention and imagination like the olympic
games the football world cup fascinates fans in europe and south america;baseball’s world series is required viewing in north america;and the world table tennis championships attracts the most interest in asia.
??? but the olympics belong to the whole world.now,after travelling to 17 countries over 108
years,the summer games are returning to athens,the place where the first modern olympics
was held.
??? participation in the games is looked on not only as an achievement,but also as an honour,
the 16 days between august 13 and 29 will see a record 202 countries compete,up from
sydney’s 199. afghanistan is back,having been banned from sydney because the taliban
government didn’t let women do sports.there is also a place for newcomers east timer and
kiribati a total of 10.500 athletes will compete in 28 sports,watched by 5 3 million ticket―paying
viewers as well as a television audience of 4 billion.
??? athens is to use its rich history and culture to make the olympics as special as possible.the
games will open with cycling events which start in front of the parthenon and acropolis
monuments.the final event will be a historic men’s marathon following the 0rjgihal route l"un by phidippides in 490 bc to bring news of victory over the persians.
??? the ancient stadium at olympia.first used for the games nearly three centuries ago,will
stage the shot put competitions.and the panathenian stadium,where the first modern olympics
was held,is to host the archery (射箭)events.
??? if the well―known ancient sites deliver a great sense of history to the games.the 39 new
venues add a modem touch to the city of athens the main olympic stadium.with a giant glass
and steel roof,is the landmark(标志)building of the olympics.
??? “we believe that we will organize a‘magical’games.”said athens 2004 president gianna
angelopoulos―daskalaki.“our history with the olympic gaines goes back nearly 3,000 years,
and athens 2004 could be the best ever.” 16 the world table tennis championships attracts the most interest in asian countries
?a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
17participation in the oiympic games is looked upon as an honor as well as an achievement.
a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
18 many state leaders will attend the opening ceremony.
? a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
19the games will open with cycling events because these events will take hold of the world’sattention.
a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
20 the first modern olympics was held nearly three centuries ago
? a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
21 the panathenian stadium is the landmark building of olympics.
a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
22 athens 2004 has been proven to be the best olympic games
a? right??? b? wrong??? c? not mentioned
第3部分:概括大意与完成句子? (第23~30题,每题1分,共8分)
??? 阅读下面这篇短文,短文后有2项测试任务;(1)第23~26题要求从所给的6个选项中为第2―5段每段选择1个正确的小标题;(2)第27~30题要求从所给的6个选项中选择4个正确选项,分别完成每个句子。请将答案涂在答题卡相应的位置上。
even intelligent people can fail
1? the striking thing about the innovators who succeeded in making our modern world is how
often they failed.turn on a light,take a photograph,watch tv,search the web,jet across the
pacific ocean,talk on a cellphone(手机).the innovators who left us these things had to find the way to success through a maze(错综复杂)of wrong tarns.
2? we have just celebrated the 125th anniversary of american innovator thomas edison’s
success in heating a thin line to white.hot heat for 14 hours in his lab in new jersey,us.he did mat on october 22.1879.and followed up a month later by keeping a thread of common
cardboard alight(点亮着的)in an airless space for 45 hours.three years later he went on t0 light
up half a square mile of downtown manhattan,even though only one of the six power plants in
his design worked when he tamed it on,on september 4,1882.
3? “many of 1ife’s failures.”the supreme innovator said.“are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”before that magical moment in october 1879.
edison had worked out no fewer than 3,000 theories about electric light,but in only two cases did his experiments work.
4? no one likes failure.but the smart innovators 1earn from it mark gumz,the head of the
camera maker olympus america inc,attributes some of the company’s successes in technology
to understanding failure.his popular phrase is:“y0n only fail when you quit.”
5? over two centuries.the most common quality of the innovators has been persistence that is
another way of saying they had the emotional ability to keep up what they were doing.walt
disney,the founder of disneyland,was so broke after a succession of financial failures that he
was left shoeless in his office because he could not afford the us$1.50 to get his shoes from me repair shop pioneering car maker henry f0rd failed with one company and was forced out of
another before he developed the model t car.
6? failure is harder to bear in today’s open.accelerated world.hardly any innovation works
the first time.but an impatient society and the media want instant success.when american
music and movie master david geffen had a difficult time.a critic said nastily that the only
difference between geffen records(geffen’s company)and the titanic(the ship that went down)
was that the titanic had better music actually,it wasn’t.after four years of losses,geffen had 80 many hits(成功的作品)he could afford a ship as big as the titanic an to himself.
??? 下面有3篇短文,每篇短文后有5道题,每道题后面有4个选项。请根据文章的内容从每题所给的4个选项中选择1个最佳答案,涂在答题卡相应的位置上。
more than a ride to school
??? the national education association claims.“the school bus is a mirror of the community.”
they further add that,unfortunately,what appears on the exterior(外部)does not always reflect
the reality of a chosen community.they are right.and sometimes it reflects more!just ask liesl
denson riding the school bus has been more than a ride to school for liesl bruce hardy.sch001 bus driver for althouse bus company has been liesl’s bus driver since kindergarten last year when liesl’s family moved to parkesburg,knowing her bus went by her new residence,she requested to ride the same bus this year liesl is a senior and will enjoy her last year riding the bus.she says.“it’s been a great ride so far!my bus driver is so c001 and has always been a good friend and a good listener.sometimes when you’re a child adults do not think that what you have to say is important.mr.hardy always listens to what you have to say and makes you feel important.”her friends ashley batista and amanda wolfc agree.? brace hardy has been making octorara students feel special since 1975.this year he will

celebrate 30 years working for althouse bus transportation.company president。larry a1thouse
acknowledges bruce hardy’s outstanding record.“you do not come by employees 1ike bruce
these days;he has never missed a day of work and has a perfect driving record.recognized in
2000 by the pennsylvania school bus association for driving 350,000 accident free miles,
hardy’s reputation? is made further evident through the relationships he has made with the
students that ride his bus’’
??? a1thouse further added.“althouse bus transportation was established 70 years ago and has
been providing quality transportation ever since my grandfather started the business with one
bus.althouse bus transportation is delighted to have the opportunity to bring distinctive and
safe service to our local school and community and looks forward to continuing to provide
quality service for many more years to come.’’
??? three generations of business is not all the company has enjoyed.thanks to出ivers like
bruce hardy,they have been building relationships through generations.liesl’s mother caroi
also enjoys fond memories of riding bruce hardy’s bus to the octorara sch001 district.
31 the word“mirror’’in the first line could be best replaced by
??? a? “vehicle”.
??? b? “device”
??? c? ‘‘company”.
??? d? “reflection”
32 how long has bruce hardy been working for althouse bus transportation?
? a? for 30 years.
? b? for 70 years
? c? since last year.
? d? since 2000.
33 which of the following statements is not true of bruce hardy?
  a heisc001.
  b he is a good friend
  c he is impatient.
  d he has driven 350,000 accident free miles
  34 who founded althouse bus transportation?
  ? a? larry althouse.
  ? b? althouse’s grandfather
  ? c liesl’s mother,
  ? d? ashley batista.
  35 what has althouse bus transportation been mainly aiming at?
  ? a? making as much money as possible.
  ? b? building up its fame
  ? c developing its business.
  ? d providing the local community with quality service
  don’t count on dung
  ? conservationists(自然保护主义者)may be miscalculating the numbers of the threatened
  animals such as elephants.say african and american researchers.the error occurs because of a flaw in the way they estimate animal numbers from the piles of dung(粪)the creatures leave
  ??? the mistake could 1ead researchers to think that there are twice as many elephants as there really are in some regions according to andrew plumptre of the wildlife conservation society(wcs) in new york biologist katy payne of cornell university in ithaca,new york,agrees.‘‘we really need to know elephant numbers and the evidence that we have is quite indirect,”says payne,who electronically tracks elephants counting elephants from planes is impossible in the vast rainforests of central africa.so researchers often estimate elephant numbers by counting dung piles in a given area.they also need to know the rate at which dung decays because it’s extremely difficult to determine these rates.however,researchers counting elephants in one region tend to rely on standard decay rates established elsewhere but researchers at the wcs have found that this decay rate varies from region to region depending on the climate and environment using the wrong values can lead the census astray(离开正道),says plumptre
  ??? he and his colleague anthony chifu nchanji studied decaying elephant dung in the forests of cameroon they found that the dung decayed between 55 and 65 per cent more slowly than the dung in the rainforests of neighbouring gabon.if researchers use decay rates from gabon to count elephants in cameroon,they would probably find more elephants than are actually around.
?? this could mean estimates in cameroon are at least twice as high as those derived from
decay rates calculated locally,says plumptre“however accurate your dung density estimate
might be.the decay rate can severely affect the result”plumptre also says that the dung―pile census should be carried out over a region similar in size to an elephant’s natural range the usual technique of monitoring only small,protected areas distorts numbers because elephants move in and out of these regions,he says“if the elephant population increases within the protected area,you can not determine whether 1t is a real increase or whether it is due to elephants moving in because they are being poached(入侵偷猎)outside.”
  ??? plumptre says that similar problems may also affect other animal census studies that rely on indirect evidence such as nests,tracks or burrows(地洞)36 the word“threatened”in the first sentence of the first paragraph could be best replaced by a? ‘‘endangered”
  ??? b? “frightened”
  ??? c? “killed”
  ??? d? “angered”
  37 why do researchers estimate elephant numbers in an area by counting dung piles?
  ? a? because elephants are difficult to catch
  ? b? because it is not possible to count elephants from a plane.
  ? c? because it is not possible to keep track of elephants.
  ? d? because elephants are shy animals
  38 piles of dung can’t be relied upon when it comes to estimating elephant numbers because
  ? a they are different in size
  ? b they scatter an over the region.
  ? c they are different in decay rate.
  ? d they are different in quality.
  39 according to plumptre,the region over which a dung―pile census is carried out should be
  a? small enough
  b? well protected.
  c? carefully monitored.
  d large enough
  40 the first word“he”in paragraph 6 refers to
  ? a? andrew plumptre
  ? b? katy payne.
  ? c? anthony chifu nchanji.
  ? d the writer of the article.
  more than just money
  ? when patricia rochester decided to go back to school after ten years as a staff nurse at
  toronto western hospital.her employer not only cheered her on.but also paid her tuition and gave her a day off with pay every week to study.throughout her years at the hospital,rochester
  has also taken workshops on everything from coaching peers to career development――courses
  that she believes have helped her advance at work.“i’m now head of the mentoring(指导)
  program for new hires.students and staff nurses.”she says.“there’s a lot of room for personal improvement here.”
  ? perhaps as important,rochester says her employer supports and values her work.‘‘if you put in overtime.”the nurse points out.“you get your meals―they’11 order in pizza or greek food or chinese.”and if staffers feel stiff and stressed from too many hours on the ward.they can call for a flee 15-minute shoulder-and-neck massage(按摩)or even sign up for an eight-week
evening course on meditation skills and stress-relief.if that’s not enough,employees can take
advantage of five family days a year that can be used if the kids come down with the flu or an
aging parent needs ferrying to an important doctor’s appointment and they have access to a
range of perks(好处)such as special rates on hotel rooms,drugstore purchases,and scholarships
for employees’children.
  ? you might wonder how an organization can provide such resources and still survive.but
university health network is one of a number of progressive employers in canada that have
discovered that investing in staff is good business.
  ? if such initiatives help companies cut down on turnover(人员更替)alone,they’re well
worthwhile.says prem benimadhu,a vice―president at the conference board of canada.it costs
  anywhere frmn$3.300 to rehire support staff,an average$13,300 for technical staff and a
  whopping(巨资)$43,000 for an executive position,according to one study of conference board members innovative initiatives help companies attract talented employees,cut down on sick days
  (which cost canadian businesses an estimated$17 billion a year,or an average of$3,550 per
  employee)and keep employees more interested in their work.with the substantial talent shortage that already exists in canada and the prospect of mass retirement over the next five years―as many as 50 or 60 percent in some sectors―benimadhu says that intelligent employers are putting a renewed focus on the people who work for them.
  41 when rochester decided to go to school,her employer
  ? a persuaded her to change her mind
  ? b? fired her.
  ? c? cheered her on.
  ? d discouraged her.
  42which of the following is not mentioned as a way to ease one’s stiffness and stress?
  a to take an eight-week evening course on meditation skills and stress-relief.
  b to call for a flee 15-minute shoulder-and-neck massage.
  c to use five family days
  d t0 ask for sick leave
  43 investment in staff has been motivated
  ? a to attract the public’s attention
  ? b? to reduce staff turnover,
  ? c to solve labor disputes.
  ? d to show off financial resources
  44? canada has been short of
  ? a talented people.
  ? b timber.
  ? c? flesh water.
  ? d? money.
  45 in paragraph 2,the phrase“come down with’’could be best replaced by
  ??? a? “shake off’
  ??? b? “get rid of'’.
  ??? c? “get”.
  ??? d? ‘‘cure”.
  第5部分:补全短文? (第46~50题,每题2分,共10分)
  ??? 阅读下面的短文,文章中有5处空白,文章后面有6组文字,请根据文章的内容选择5组文字,将其分别放回文章原有位置,以恢复文章原貌。请将答案涂在答题卡相应的位置上。 read with greater speed

 ? do you have difficulty reading in class?if so,a special reading program that helps match
  sounds with letters could speed up your brain.
  ? at least one out of every five elementary school students in the us has trouble learning t0 read,even when the students are good at other subjects.____(46)researchers from yale university,us,studied a group of children from new york and connecticut state.as part of the study,37 struggling readers received special tutoring every day,instructors worked with them on recognizing how written letters represent units of sound called phonemes(音素)____(47)? by the end of the school year,these children could read faster than before.they also made fewer mistakes,and understood more of what they read than they could earlier in the year, as part of their study,the researchers used a special machine to take action photos of the students’brains.
  ___(48)this is the same part of the brain that becomes active when good readers read.this activated brain area appears to include a structure that helps people recognize familiar written words quickly.in lower level readers,this structure remains inactive.
  ? a year later,the brain structure was still working hard in the students who had gone through
  the special tutoring,and they continued to do well in reading tests.___(49) however,some researchers still doubt the study_____(50)
  a? many adults are interested in matching sounds with letters 
  b the students also practiced reading aloud and spelling
  c the biggest challenge for many of these kids,scientists say,is matching sounds with letters.
  d? another group in the study who went through a more traditional reading program didn’t
  ??? show the same progress.
  e the pictures showed all increase in activity in the back of the brain on the left side
  f they believe that reading without making any noise or linking words to sounds is more
  ??? efficient.
  第6部分:完形填空? (第51~65题,每题1分,共15分)
  ??? 阅读下面的短文,文中有15处空白,每处空白给出了4个选项,请根据短文的内容从4个选项中选择1个最佳答案,涂在答题卡相应的位置上。
  mall offew words
  everyone chases success,but not all of us want to be famous? south african writer john maxwell coetzee is__(51)for keeping himself to himself when the 63-year-old was named the 2003 nobel prize winner for literature earlier this month,reporters were warned that they would find him“particularly difficult to___(52)”.
  ? coetzee lives in australia but spends part of the year teaching at the university of chicago
  he seemed___(53)by the news that he won the us$1 3 million prize
  “it came as a complete surprise.1 wasn’t even aware they were due to make the announcement,he said.
  his___(54)of privacy led to doubts as to whether coetzee will attend pnize-giving in stockholm,sweden,on december 10.but despite being described as____(55)to track down,the critics agree that his writing is easy to get to know? born in cape town,south africa,to all english-speaking family,coetzee___(56)his breakthrough in 1980 with the novel“waiting for the barbarians(野蛮人)”he____(57) his place among the world’s leading writers with two booker prize victories,britain’s highest honour for novels he first_____(58)in l983forthe“life and times of michael k”and his second title came in 1999 for“disgrace” a major theme in his work is south africa’s former apartheid(种族隔离)system,which divided whites from blacks____(59)with the problems of violence,crime and racial division that still exist in the country his books have enabled ordinary people to understand apartheid____(60)within.‘i have always been more interested in the past than the future,”he said in a rare interview.
‘the past___(61)its shadow over the present.i hope i have made one or two people think
――(62)about whether they want to forget the past completely.”
  in fact this purity in his writing seems to be__(63)in his personal life.coetzee is a
vegetarian,a cyclist rather than a motorist and doesn’t drink alcohol.
  but what he has___(64)to literature,culture and the people of south africa is far
greater than the things he has given up.“in looking at weakness and failure in life,”the nobel
prize judging panel said,“coetzee’s work____(65)the divine(神圣的)spark in man.”
  51a looked after?? b well known?? c locked???? d protected
  52 a catch??????? b hold???????? c run into??? d bump into?
  53 a reported???? b influenced???? c distorted?? d shocked
  54 a like???????? b devotion????? c love?????? d attraction?
 56 a forced?????? b made???????? c caused??? d did?
  57 a gave??????? b listed???????? c tood????? d arranged
  58 a received???? b obtained????? c won?????? d had
  59 a dealing????? b handling???? c solving??? d removing
  60 a in????????? b out?????????? c of??????? d from?
  61 a covers?????? b displays?????? c spreads?? d casts
  62 a once???????? b twice??????? c three times? d four times
  63 a written????? b hidden??????? c mirrored??? d stricken
  64 a contributed?? b distributed???? c attributed? d showed
  65 a tell???????? b says?????????? c informs?? d expresses
  2005年职称bet356 手机游戏_博彩bet356吧_bet356账户验证等级考试综合类(a级)答案
  1.a?? 2.c?? 3.c?? 4.d?? 5.b
  6.a?? 7.a?? 8.b?? 9.d?? 10.b
  11.d?? 12 a?? 13 c?? 14 b?? 15.a
  16.a?? 17.a?? 18.c?? 19.c?? 20 b
  21.b?? 22.c?? 23.c?? 24.d?? 25.a
  26.b?? 27 d?? 28.c?? 29 b?? 30.e
  31.d?? 32.a?? 33.c?? 34.b?? 35.d
  36.a?? 37 b?? 38.c?? 39.d?? 40.a
  41.c?? 42.d?? 43.b?? 44.a?? 45.c
  46 c?? 47.b?? 48.e?? 49.d?? 50.f
  51 b?? 52.a?? 53.d?? 54.c?? 55.a
  56 b? 57 c?? 58.c?? 59 a?? 60 d
  61.d?? 62.b?? 63.c?? 64.a?? 65.d
  2005年职称bet356 手机游戏_博彩bet356吧_bet356账户验证等级考试试题题解综合类(a级)题解
  ??? 1? a? motive:动机。reason:理由。这两个词意思比较接近。there is no reason to doubt his word.没有理由不相信他的话。excuse:借口。answer和reply都有“回答”的意思。
  ? 2? c? widen和broaden都有“拓宽”的意思。extend:延伸:延长。the builders extended the road for three more miles.筑路人把道路延长了三英里。stretch:延伸。the forests stretch for hundreds of miles森林绵延数百英里。bend:弯曲。
  ??? 3? c lure:吸引。attraction:吸引。这两个词意思相近。the attraction of this house lies in its simplicity.j~所房子的诱人之处在于它的简单。error:错误。puzzle:难题。contradiction:矛盾。
  ? 4 d? immense和enormous都有“巨大的”意思。it was all enormous disappointment.此事太令人失望了。no是“没有”,little是“几乎没有”,? scarce是“不足的”。
  ? 5? b? remedy:补救。improve:改进。这两个词意思相近。herbal medicine can be used to improve our health.草药可用于增进我们的健康。maintain:保持。preserve:? 保护。protect:保护。
  ? 6 a? collaborate:合作;勾结。cooperate:合作。? she has agreed to cooperate with the police in the investigation她同意在调查中跟警察合作。marry:结婚。combine:合并。argue:争论。
  ? 7 a? consolidate:巩固。strengthen:巩固,加强。to strengthen his position in parliament,he held talks with leaders of the peasant party.为了加强在国会中的地位,他跟农民党的领导人进行了会谈。win:赢得。abandon:放弃。unite:联合。
  ? 8? b probe:探索。explore:探索。这两个词意思很相近。both parties are exploring ways of settling the dispute双方都在寻求解决争端的办法。solve:解决。settle:解决。handle:处理。
  ? 9 d? alleviate:减轻。lessen:减轻:变小。the medicine begins to take effect and symptoms lessen药已经起作用,症状减轻了。remove:去掉;切除。cure:治疗。treat:处理。
  ??? 10 b deduce:推导。derive:推导。? defensive behavior patterns derive from our subconscious fears各种防卫行为的模式来自于我们下意识的恐惧。20:去。d0:干。come:来。
  ? 11 d? insufficient:不充分的。inadequate:不充分的。supplies of food and medicine are inadequate食物和药品供应不足。scarce:稀少的。short:短的。marginal:少量的。
?12 a perish:死亡。die:死亡。111e old man will die soon这个老人很快会死去。disappear:消失。migrate:迁移。vanish:消失。

 ? 13 c? ultimately:最后。finally:最后。the food finally arrived at the end of last month食品终于在上月末运到了。certainly:当然。necessarily:必定地。
  ? 14 b? complicated:复杂的。complex;复杂的。the issue is very complex,这个问题太复杂了。strange:奇怪的。difficult:困难。unusual:不寻常的。
  15 a? appraisal:评价。evaluation:评价。evaluation is standard practice for a11 training评价是各种教育的通常的做法。production:生产。efficiency:效率。publicity:出名。
  ??? 16 a? 此题是根据第一段的最后一部分编写的,基本上保持了最后一个分句,只是把.asia(亚洲)改成了asian countries(亚洲国家)。
  ??? 17 a? 此题是根据第三段的第一个句子编写的,只是用.as well as…重写这个句子。注意…as well as.强调的是前面部分,not only.but also…强调的是but also.引起的部分。
  ??? 18 c? 该题说的是:许多国家领导人会参加开幕式。但是文章没有提到。
  ??? 19 c? 该题说的是:奥林匹克运动会以自行车比赛开始,原因是自行车比赛会吸引世界的注意。“奥林匹克运动会以自行车比赛开始”在第五段中是可以找到的,但是这样的安排是“自行车比赛会吸引世界的注意”文章并没有说。
  ??? 20 b? 该题说的是:第一届现代奥林匹克运动会是在三个世纪前举行的。倒数第三段的第~个句子是这么说的:位于奥林匹亚的、差不多在三世纪前最早用于举行奥林匹克运动会的古运动场将用于举行铅球比赛。这是最早举行奥林匹克运动会的地方,但不是举行第一届现代奥林匹克运动会的地方。该段的最后一句话还有进一步的提示。
  ??? 21 b? 该题说的是:泛雅典体育场是奥林匹克运动会的地标性建筑。倒数第二段的说的是:大玻璃、钢屋顶的奥林匹克主体育馆是奥林匹克运动会的地标性建筑。可见,这不符合事实。
  ??? 22 c? 该题说的是:2004年雅典奥林匹克运动会已证明是开得最好的奥林匹克运动会。文章并没有提到。
  ??? 23 c? 本文的标题是:即使是聪明人也会失败。第二和第三段都跟edison直接相关。第二段描述的是他的发明创造。
?????? 24 d? 本段是edison对失败的看法。第一句话的意思是:生活中的许多失败是半途而废,这些人不知道其实他们放弃时离成功已是近在咫尺了。
  ??? 25 a? 本段的第一句话是这么说的:没有人喜欢失败,但是聪明的发明家会从中吸取教训h注意:一个段落的第一句话常常是主题句。
  ??? 26 b? 本段的第一句话是这么说的:两个世纪来,发明家表现出的一个共同品质是弃而不舍。
  ??? 27 d? 本题是根据第三段的第一句话设计的。quit和give up都有“放弃”的意思。
  ??? he has given up smoking.他戒烟了。.he has quitted smoking.他戒烟了。
  ??? 28 c? 本题是根据第五段的最后一句话设计的。该句说到了henry ford本人的早年生涯并不成功。
  ??? 29 b? 第五段也说到了walt disney,他曾经都付不起只需1.5美元的修鞋的钱。本题就是根据walt disney当时的情况设计的。??? 、
  ??? 30 e? 该题问的是:媒体要求什么?最后一段的第三句是这么说的:但是,一个没有耐心的社会和媒体希望即时成功。因此e是合适的选项。
  ??? 3l d? mirror和retie(:non都有“反映”的意思。reflection的动词是reflect,在第一段中出现了两次。vehicle是“交通工具”,device是“装置”,? company是“公司”。
  32 a? 该题问的是:bruce hardy为althouse公交公司工作了多少年了?第四段的第二句话是这么说的:今年,他要庆祝为althouse公交公司工作30年。
  33 c? 该题问的是:下面的哪一种说法不符合bruce hardy的实际情况?a和b可见于第三段第二行。d可见于第四段的后半部分。c说的是:bruce hardy不耐心。
  ? 第三段说到了bruce hardy是一个很好的听众,他总是听着你要说的话。可见,说bruce。hardy不耐心不符合实际情况。
  34 b? 该题问的是:谁创立了althouse公交公司?a说的是:larry althouse。larry 。althouse是公司的总裁。b说的是:althouse的祖父。倒数第二段有这样一句话:我(a1th01.1se)的祖父开始经营时只有一辆公共汽车。可见,b是正确答案。
  35 d? 该题问的是:althouse公交公司追求的目标是什么?a说的是:尽量多挣钱。b说的是:出名。c:开发业务。d:为社区提供高质量的服务。d可见于倒数第二段。
  36 a threatened:有灭绝危险的。threatened animals:有灭绝危险的动物。endangered:有灭绝危险的;有生命危险的。an endangered species:一个有灭绝危险的物种。frightened:受惊的。killed:杀死了的。angered:激怒了的。
  37 b? 该题问的是:为什么研究人员通过数粪堆估计一个地区的象数?第三段有这么一个句子,意思是说:从飞机上数中非广阔的赤道雨林中的象是不可能的,研究人员通过数粪堆估计一个特定地区的粪堆估计该区域的象数。因此b是正确答案。
  38 c? 该题问的是:不可依据粪堆数估计象数的原因是什么?文章第五段第一句话是这么说的:……这种取决于气候和环境的腐烂速率在不同的地区是不一样的。可见c是正确的答案。a说的是:它们的大小是不一样的。b说的是:它们散布在整个地区。d说的是:它们的质量是不一样的。
  39 d? 该题问的是:根据plumptre的观点,选择粪堆普查的地区应符合什么样的条件?倒数第二段提到了p1umdtre的观点,即普查的地区应该大到不能使象自由出入,也就是说,必须足够大。a说的是:足够小。b说的是:得到了很好的保护。c说的是:得到了密切的监控。
40 a? 该题问的是?第六段的第一个词“he”指谁?一般情况下,代词回指的词必须离得很近。因此必定是“andrewr pqumptre”。
  41 c? 该题问的是:rochester决定去上学时,她的老板怎么样?“cheered her on” (鼓励她)可以在第一段的第一句话中找到。
  42 d? 该题问的是:下面的哪一种不是缓解僵硬和压力的办法?a说的是:上一个8周的默念技术和压力消除法的班。b说的是:要15分钟的免费颈肩按摩。c说的是:使用5天的用于处理家务的假期。d说的是:请病假。“请病假”文章没有提到。
  43 b? 该题问的是:投资于员工的目的是什么?a说的是:为了吸引公众的注意。b说的是:为了减少人员更替的费用。c说的是:为了解决劳资纠纷。d说的是:显示财力雄厚。b可见于倒数第二段第一句。
  44 a? 该题问的是:加拿大短缺的是什么?a说的是:有才的人。b说的是:木材。c说的是:淡水。d说的是:钱。“加拿大短缺有才的人”可见于最后一段。
  45 c? 该题问的是:第二段中的“come down with”可由哪个词(组)替换?“come down with”是“得病”的意思。只有“get”有此意。
  第5部分:补全短文??? ?
  ??? 46 c? 文章的题目是:用较快的速度阅读。第二段的第一个句子说的是:在美国五个小学生中至少有一个在学习阅读方面有困难,虽然这些学生其他科目都不错。这是一个总的说明,接着的句子应该具体化了。c就是进一步的说明:科学家说:这些孩子中的许多人的最大困难是如何使得读音和字母对应起来。
  ? 47 b? 第四段的第一句话说的是:每天老师帮助他们弄懂字母如何表达叫做音素的语音单位的。光弄懂是不够的,还需要实践。b就是实践:学生还练习朗读和拼写。
  ??? 48 e? 第六段说的是:作为研究的一部分,研究人员用一个特殊的机器拍摄学生大脑的动作照片。b说的是:照片显示左大脑后部的活动增加了。非常连贯。
  ??? 49 d? 倒数第二段的第一句讲的是试验组的情况,d讲的是用传统方法的情况。放在一起可以构成对比,也很连贯。
  ??? 50 f? 最后一段的第一句说的是:然而,有些研究人员仍然不太相信这一研究。从提供的选项中的第一个词组可以看出,只有f是合适的,因为它的起始词是“they’,回指“some researchers”。
  ??? 51 b? 该段中有这样一个短语“particularly difficult to catch”(很难找到他),“well
  ??? known for keeping himself to himself”是“以与世隔绝为大家熟知”。可以看出,根据下文,用“well known”最为合适。
  ??? 52 a? hold:抱住;拿住。run into和bump into都有“撞上”的意思,这是不由一个人的主观意志所能控制的。
  ??? 53 d? 对第一段做解释时,提到了上下文可以帮助我们做出正确的判断。紧随其后的是“it came as a complete surprise.”(这个奖来得很突然)。“shock”和“surprise”意思很接近,因此选择“shocked”是对的。
  ??? 54 c like作“喜欢”解时是动词,而此处需要的是一个名词。devotion后面跟“to”, attraction是“吸引”的意思。填入后意思不太合适。因此只有“love”是正确的选项。
  ??? 55 a despite引导的是一个反比,主旬中有一个“easy”,那么它的反义词就是 “difficult”。
  ??? 56 b??? “幻make a breakthrough”等于“t0 break through”。是周定的搭配。
  ??? 57 c??? “t0 take one's place”是“处于某种位子”,? 是固定的说法。
  ??? 58 c? 这里需要填入的是一个不及物动词,“received”,“obtained”,“had”都是及物动词,只有“won”既可作及物动词,又可作不及物动词。
  ??? 59 a? 在这四个动词中,只有“deal”可跟“with”搭配。
  ??? 60 d? 整个句子说的是:在处理这个国家依然存在的暴力,犯罪和种族隔离问题,他的书能使一般人从内部理解种族隔离。“从……角度”常用“from…”。
  ??? 61 d? “casts its shadow”是“给……带来影响”,是固定的搭配。
  ??? 62 b??? “think twice”相当于汉语中的“三思而后行”。正如汉语中不说“二思而后行”一样,英文中也不说“think three times”,这是固定的说法。
  ??? 63 c? 该句子的意思是,他作品中的纯洁性反映到了他的个人生活中,“mirrored”是“反映”的意思。
  ??? 64 a? 从下文“far greater than the things he has given up”(比起他放弃的东西要多得多)来看,选择“contributed”是对的。全句说的是:但是,他对文学、文化、南非人民所做出的贡献比起他放弃的东西要多得多。
  ??? 65 d? 其他三个动词填入后生成的都是不合格的句子。

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